Поисково – спасательное оборудование

Поисково – спасательное оборудование

Search and Rescue equipment

ASU Baltija Ltd. offers installation of following equipment intended for the search and rescue missions:

  • Rescue hoist system SLG-300 (300 kg capacity) (Kazan helicopters)
  • Searchlights SX-5, SX-16 (Spectrolab), HSL-1600 (Thommen)
  • Day and night imaging systems (FLIR)
  • Digital moving maps (EuroAvionics)
  • SAR-navigation receivers (including all emergency frequencies), mounted and portable 406 MHz data decoders (Becker Avionics, HR Smith)
  • Search and weather radars (Telephonics, Honeywell)
  • System of electrically-driven mirrors for hoist operation 
  • Video and data downlink system
  • …and other types and manufacturers.

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