Helicopter modernizations

Helicopter modernizations

Modernizations and Upgrades

ASU Baltija Ltd. offers installation of many different kinds of equipment, which is not installed originally by the aircraft manufacturer. We also offer upgrade of the existing equipment by interfacing it to additional units, thus adding new functionality. Some of the upgrades are done according the aircraft manufacturer’s bulletins and instructions; others are under our own design. We also use experience of other design companies we cooperate with. All upgrades are performed strictly following particular equipment installation manuals as well as required practices.

Though upgrades and modernizations may be (and often they are) very complex, some of them are simple, including one or few types of new equipment and minor intervention to the aircraft frame and/or standard equipment. However, we always pay the same high level of attention to the upgrade, will it be installation of a single ATC transponder or complex conversion of simple Mi-8T version into powerful SAR machine with modern communication, navigation, search and rescue tools.

Generally speaking, the equipment for upgrades may be divided into following groups:

  • navigation and communication equipment
  • search and rescue equipment
  • special missions
  • passenger entertainment

There are models which we offer generally, but specific requirements of the client can be also fulfilled. We know many different manufacturers, and many kinds of different equipment to offer.

We are small enough to care and listen but big enough to complete the job on time and on budget.

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